Review: Pilot Juice Up Metallic Gel Pens

Continuing my ongoing love of Pilot Juice Up gel pens, here’s an overview of the metallic set – four colors plus gold and silver that are pretty much the best metallic pens I’ve used. (Not that I’m totally biased or anything…)

As ever, the Pilot Juice Up gel pens are super smooth and nice and shiny, just like you’d want from a metallic pen. I love the size: the 04 (roughly the same as 0.38 mm) are slim enough that they match my smaller handwriting preferences in my bullet journal, but thick enough to show a lot of the metallic cover.

The gold and silver are certainly the superior colors, but the tones of the pastel colors are lovely and still have a great sheen to them even if they’re a bit more subtle than the gold/silver shades. You can see in the photo above that my ring light caught the colors and shimmers so well that it’s actually hard to read in direct light!

I also love the attention to detail of the design of the pens. The silver body color with the color accents that perfectly match the color of the ink is such a great touch. While not heavy at all, they feel really good in your hand as you use them – the grip is just soft enough but doesn’t seem like it will get gummy.

I’ve used all six colors so far as accents in my bullet journal and they actually inspired me to use color in a way that this minimalist really hadn’t (beyond a bit of washi tape that I stuck with for like, 4 months!). Some photos of details of spreads are below so you can see each color in action.

Overall, I love these pens and highly recommend them if you’re in the market for a high-quality metallic pen set! I got mine from Jet Pens individually (I tried the gold and silver first), but you can pick them up in a set here.

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