Inspiration: Japanese Planning Instagram Accounts

If, like me, you’re super inspired by how much planners are a part of Japanese culture, this is the post for you. A while ago, I managed to get myself and my limited amount of college Japanese down a rabbit hole into the amazing world of Japanese planning accounts. There, you’ll find an amazing mix of business use, personal/minimal accounts, and gorgeously illustrated or sticker-collaged spreads. Not to mention the stationery products. Oh goodness gracious, the stationery products.

If you’d like to see some inspiration and follow some of my favorite Japanese planner accounts, read on!

Also, quick note: Japanese planner accounts include A LOT of text in their captions (yet another reason I’d like to learn Japanese: participate in this extensive discourse around planning techniques!). The way the images are embedded in this post mean it’s a long one; so don’t be deterred – settle in for some planning goodness!


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︙FLEX NOTE︙  FLEX NOTEやっと埋められました 使い方としてはずっと滞ってた持ち運び用スケジュールとタスク  トラベラーズノート ↓ マイクロ5にしようか悩む ⇡⇡⇡ ここで止まっていて たまに持ち運び用のノートに書いたりはしていたものの ほぼ保留のままでした  トラベラーズノートはただいまお休み中 マイクロ5は自分だけのメモ帳として使う事に決めたので FLEX NOTEをスケジュール管理に☺︎   ウィークリーのリフィルにはタスクやスケジュールを  方眼のリフィルにはそのタスクの結果や そこから新たに出たやるべきタスク、気づいた事や決めた事など   ……………………………………………………………………………………………  使ってみて思ったのは方眼がとても良いということ この大きめのマスが絶妙で 自動的に行間が空くのですっきり見える!!   マイルドライナーなどの裏写りを懸念して片面を選んだけど スタンプは裏写りしたけどマイルドライナーは全然セーフ 濃い色のものでも大丈夫でした 書き心地も良くて裏写りも無し…紙質的にも良かったです(*´∀`)   そして今出ている限定色… 限定色ということでスルー出来ず グレー予約してしまいました\(^o^)/(笑) 気分でカバーの色変えられるし良いかなと←   もっといろいろリフィルの種類が出てくれると良いなぁ   #バレットジャーナル #バレットジャーナル初心者 #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling #minimalbulletjournal #minimalbujo #bujolife #手帳 #手帳時間 #手帳初心者 #手帳の中身 #bulletjournallove #bujo #手帳ゆる友 #手帳好きさんと繋がりたい #ノート #note #notebook #ノート好き #文房具 #文房具好き #無印良品 #マステ #mt #マイルドライナー #flexnote #hightide #penco

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↑ I think @note0105 is probably my most favorite Japanese planning Instagrammer, from the gorgeously minimal style they use in their spreads to the perfectly coordinated neutral dark tones in their stationery set-up. Swoon.

↑ @aoi_3103.86 and their lovely Jibun Techo planner make my heart and eyes happy. So minimal! Yet so color coded! I’d love to know all the various things they’re tracking in the top and bottom portion of this spread.

↑ @penri23 makes the most adorable, tiny illustrated journal reflections in their Hobonichi. Such an inspiration for any sort of artistic planner! (Also: they are clearly a tiny handwriting pro.)

↑ @bujo_nao writes in both English and Japanese, and lives in France. (Her account definitely introduced me to a ton of Japanese planner hashtags!) Her colorful spreads are a cool mix between a Japanese aesthetic and the style you might see on an English-speaking account.

↑ @coco_hortensia has basically single-handedly inspired me to start drawing my own outfits every day. Such a sweet and clever idea. As someone who’s always loved fashion illustration, her account is an inspiration! (Also, do I need a Hobonichi weeks now? … Answer: NO! But…also, maybe, right?)


↑ I wish I’d been able to get to Cute Things From Japan when I was in Tokyo! Still, their online shop is where I’ll be heading the first time I need a stationery fix after my trip. They stock a ton of great Japan-only items and seem like the sweetest people.

↑ Although there are lots of Japanese stationery brands whose accounts you can follow (like Zebra or Pilot pens for example), my favorite are ones who show you how to use their products. For that, I think there’s no account better than Nolty. Every post is a demo of their products in use, and they even show you “what’s coming up” on their Instagram page – handwritten in one of their planners!

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こんにちは☀️明日から3日間、大阪で初めての文具女子博が開催されます(。>∀<。)👏🌸東京にはなかなか行きづらい関西の方は是非お越しください❤️今回の文具女子博では、手作り手帳マイジャーナルをメインにブース作りをしています❤️より多くの人にマイジャーナルを知ってもらいたい‼️その思いを胸に日々新しい商品を考えています✨  バレットジャーナルはやってみると本当に効率的で便利‼️アメリカ発祥の手帳術ではありますが、日本人がより使いやすく、簡単に手作り手帳が作れるようマイジャーナルは色んなアレンジをして変化させています☘  今日の写真は使い方提案になります(๑′ᴗ‵๑)❤️ 参考にして是非自分に合った手帳を作ってみてください✨マイジャーナルはマスキングシールを組み合わせて貼っていくだけ‼️イラストを描くのが苦手な方でも可愛く素敵なバレットジャーナルが作れます❤️  写真に使用した、マイジャーナルマスキングシール、マスキングラインテープ、フリーダイアリーマスキングテープなどすべてパインブックの商品になります✨文具女子博ではまとめて商品を選べますよ😉✨ 前売りチケットは完売になってます。 今回のイベントは前売り券のみで、当日券もないようですので、チケットを購入できた方のみのご来場となります、よろしくおねがいします🤲✨  文具女子博 petit大阪  開催日 2019年4月12日(金)~14日(日) 第1部 9:00入場開始 11:30まで (最終入場11:00) 第2部 12:00入場開始 14:30まで (最終入場14:00) 第3部 15:00入場開始 17:30まで (最終入場17:00) ※各回定員入替制  会場 カンテレ扇町スクエア イベントスペース 大阪市北区扇町2-1-7 カンテレ扇町スクエア 1F  アクセス 地下鉄堺筋線「扇町」駅より地下連絡路で直結 JR環状線「天満」駅より徒歩1分 JR「大阪」駅/阪急・阪神「梅田」駅より徒歩約15分  詳しくは文具女子博公式アカウントまで→ @bungujoshi   #myjournal #マイジャーナル #bulletjournal #bujo  #バレットジャーナル  #バレットジャーナル初心者 #ジャーナル #pinebook #パインブック #マスキングシール #マスキングテープ #フリーダイアリーマスキングテープ #文具女子博 #文具女子博petit大阪 #文具好きと繋がりたい  #文具女子 #手作り手帳 #stationery #madeinjapan  大阪のスタッフが今、一生懸命搬入しています💪✨ステキなブースになってると思います✨お楽しみに(๑′ᴗ‵๑)❤️ 

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↑ Pinebook Stationery is combining a Japanese planning aesthetic with bullet journaling, so I love following their account to see what they’re coming up with. They make washi tapes that you can use to create your bullet journal spreads – you can find them in the US at JetPens.

↑ ZenPop is just for fun. They’re a Japanese subscription box out of Osaka and they have ramen, sweets, and stationery boxes. How fun does that sound?! I haven’t subscribed myself yet (waiting for an excuse to treat myself!) but I love the way they mix up their product offerings with slice-of-life from Japan, explaining customs, holidays, and vocabulary. Learning made fun through stationery and treats!


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Happy mail from @smidapaperikigaishop 🥰💗

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↑ Momo Loves Paper is one of my favorite accounts! She writes in English and lives in Japan, and showcases tons of new products all the time. Her stories are also wonderful, always showing beautiful detail shots.

↑ @dosukoi.k is one of my favorite flatlay/haul accounts, always showing products in a lovely muted aesthetic! The colors are beautiful.

↑ always makes me want to go shopping. They choose such great minimal products to feature, and lay them out in the most wonderful things-organized-neatly way.

↑ @__mukuri__’s account is just as much planner inspiration as flatlay! Their monochromatic feed is so lovely.


↑ How can I make my desk setup look like @roxe754? Someone teach me.

↑ @m.o__study has the most coordinated desk I’ve ever seen! Their feed is also a study account, so if you like both lovely desks and study inspo, this is the person to follow.


↑ If you like calligraphy of any kind, Hoshino Youryu’s account is going to make you so happy. Japanese kanji calligraphy is so beautiful to see, and Hoshino’s real-time videos are a prime example of why they’re also beautiful to watch being made, too. This would be a great account to follow if you’re learning Japanese, too!

↑ Finally, if you’ve liked the zentangles you’ve seen on my feed recently, you defnitely want to give Izumi Sato a follow. Zentangles are repeating patterns you can draw in squares or other shapes, and they are so fun and calming to draw. Izumi literally wrote the book!! Plus there are a lot of free challenges and tutorials in her feed.

I love how planning is one of those topics that can transcend language – even though I don’t speak Japanese, I’ve found so much inspiration in these accounts. Do you have any favorite planning or stationery accounts you follow whose primary language you don’t speak? Share them with me!

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