March Reflection

Who knew last month how important (and unavoidable, for many of us?!) reflection would be?

I hope everyone reading this is safe and well, practicing social distancing and self-isolation, and finding some small moments of joy where you can in a very stressful world at the moment.

I’m personally not up for a massive reflection–transitioning to remote work is hard, and so is trying to comprehend everything that’s happening. But I did want to share a few thoughts on the general theme of reflection before we dive into the April theme.

I’ve been keeping my usual routine which has been really helpful for me! Morning yoga and journaling in my Hobonichi has given me a lot of comfort, and journaling while keeping in mind the March Challenge of interrogating my thoughts. While I’ve definitely been kind to myself — not pushing myself to reflect if I’m feeling overwhelmed — there are a few days I’ve been able to push myself a little further, and that’s been really helpful.

I’ve also been meditating with Headspace (thanks, January challenge!) and it’s been giving me a lot of comfort and training me to be kind to myself.

I hope you can all take to heart the themes so far: being present, finding moments of creativity to channel any feelings into, and being reflective. I’m sure these are things that have helped me feel comfort in these times. And I hope the forthcoming April theme helps too!

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