Using Modules to Create Bullet Journal Spreads

Modules are an amazing way to build a bullet journal spread, combat bullet journal creative block, and organize your trackers, events, and tasks. Check out this post I created for the Archer & Olive blog to dive into how to develop your own modules, plus tons of ideas for modules you can use in your spreads!

As an artist, there are few things more frustrating than being in the midst of a creative block. When that happens for me and my bullet journal, I turn to modules. Modules are a section or specific part of a layout. When I turn the page to a fresh new week and I’m feeling totally stuck on how to organize the spread, I love using these to give me some inspiration!

For this post I’m sharing some of my own tried-and-true modules and the different forms and styles they take. Feel free to borrow mine to create your own modules, or design your own! My favorite thing about modules is that they’re so versatile, and coming up with your own resource like this means you’ll always have a place to start when you create a layout…

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