I use bullet journaling and planning techniques to inspire productivity, creativity, and reflection. Welcome to Line Unfolding!

Here you’ll find lots of ideas and resources for infusing creative productivity and minimal planning into your own personal and professional life.

And who am I? My name is Chelsea, and I’m a nonprofit arts educator working in New York City. I’ve always had an obsessive and potentially unhealthy love for stationery, pens, and planners, especially of the minimal, functional variety.

A few years ago, I started an Instagram to share my bullet journal spreads and planning ideas, and it’s since turned into an incredible community of fellow minimal bullet journalists and folks interested in creative productivity. I hope you’ll join me both on Instagram and here to explore all things planning and organization together!

Want to learn more?

Read more about my journey to sharing my planner and stationery love on the internet in this post. If you’re interested in reading my review and ethics policy, you can find it here. And if you’d like to get in touch, please do, right here!

I think that everyone is on his own line. I think that after you’ve made one step, the next step reveals itself. I believe that you were born on this line. I don’t say that the actual footsteps were marked before you get to them, and I don’t say that change isn’t possible in your course. But I do believe we unfold out of ourselves, and we do what we are born to do sooner or later, anyway.

Agnes Martin