In-Depth Inspiration

Minimal Small Space Desk Tour & How I Organize My Desk

I’m so excited to finally share my desk walkthrough! I moved last year and have spent a lot of time setting up my desk space. While I definitely have a little more room than I did in my previous apartment, I still need to maximize storage space! It can be really difficult to create a minimal desk setup in a smaller space, so I hope this walkthrough helps give you some inspiration on how you might organize your own workspace, too.

In-Depth Reflections

Maintaining Habits and Routines Through Self-Care

I recently was asked to write a guest post on the Official Bullet Journal blog (!). Reflecting on how to use self-care to maintain habits and routines, this post walks through the system I’ve developed to support myself, as well as lots of tools and resources to help you devise your own self-care based productivity routine. I’m excited to hear what you think! Here’s a little excerpt…

Too often, we can get caught up in tracking a million little things, from water intake to hours of sleep, and the process turns into something that feels weighty and full of pressure. If this is you, you aren’t alone! We’re so used to habits, new year’s resolutions, and other self-betterment techniques that feel punishing and use negative thinking as a way of finding motivation. I don’t know about you, but the habits I tried to work on because I felt I “had to” do them never stuck; instead they felt forced.

But the spirit of Bullet Journaling, where we’re about progress over perfection, has been a great way to help me rethink my habits, and I hope it can help you too. Being more reflective, gentle, and positive can make all the difference in keeping up with habits and building routine—here are some of my favorite tools and techniques to infuse that spirit into your own process and Bullet Journal…

PS. If you’re interested in this topic, I delve into a lot more detail in my ebook!


Journaling for Anti-Racism

There are so many resources out there for beginning an anti-racist practice. Rather than re-post resources that many others have shared over the past few weeks, I want to offer some additional tools for an anti-racist practice that relate to journaling and creativity. I am not an expert by any means, but I have been trying to integrate this into my own journaling and self-reflection practice for many years thanks to my profession (I am an art educator with a focus on social justice, and I’m white), so I thought perhaps some of these resources and journaling suggestions could be as helpful for others as they have been for me.

To be clear: This post is not a replacement for the incredible resources others have shared. This post is an addition to help you on the next step: the lifelong step of working on your anti-racist practice.

In-Depth Reviews

Cloth & Paper Monthly Pen & Stationery Box Review – July 2019

I’ve had my eye on Cloth & Paper for a number of months now, and in a fit of self-care treat-yourself stress, I decided to finally grab a subscription to their monthly boxes. Spoiler alert: I was NOT disappointed. Read on for a detailed review of the box!

Cloth & Paper is an American, woman-owned (yeah!!) stationery company that produces their own luxe and minimal planner accessories and paper goods, as well as sources pens and other writing instruments from Asia and beyond.


Evolution of a Spread

Recently I started using a new weekly spread layout in my bullet journal and I thought I would go into some detail about how I designed it, what I tweaked to perfect it, and what tools and stationery I used to make it.

Above you can see an overview of the first version of this spread. I was inspired by Mossery Co’s horizontal weekly spread in their 2019 planners. I love their planners so much! If they made an undated one I just might have to switch from my bullet journal… but I digress.