Productivity Unfolding eBook

Our planners shouldn’t stress us out.
They should bring us joy and productivity.

If you’ve ever had trouble sticking with a planner, struggled to integrate a new productivity tool into your life, or keep a routine—or if you’ve invested in notebooks or stationery that you’re sure will help you get things done, only to feel it’s “too nice” to mess up in… Or if you just want to refresh your system: This guidebook is for you.

With 10+ years experience as an art educator and professional skills mentor, and almost four years’ experience bullet journaling, I wrote this 66-page guidebook to share my own system for creative productivity with you. 

A guidebook to customize your planner system
for self-care, creativity, and reflection

It’s a tried-and-true process to help you: 
  • Unpack how you work
  • Find tools and products that will actually serve you
  • Develop strategies for sticking with your planning routine
  • Create an ongoing, joyful productivity practice that will always work for you 

Let’s take the pressure off and unfold a planning system that will lift us up, rather than weigh us down.

What’s included?
  • 60+ page eBook chock full of tools, ideas, and resources—and the guidance to choose what will work for you, not just now, but for years to come
  • Over 20 empowering journal prompts to help you customize your productivity system, with alternate ways to reflect if you’re not a writer
  • Bonus worksheets to capture and record your progress
What exactly is this eBook?

This extensive eBook isn’t a step-by-step, copy-this-exactly instruction manual, but rather a guide that can be returned to over and over to implement and refine our system—to help us feel less stress and overwhelm about our productivity, time management, and how we plan. Using this cycle taps into the excitement around trying new things in our system, knowing we have the tools to decide what works best for us. And most importantly, when you complete the guidebook, you’ll have a system that works for you, rather than something you feel limited by or guilt about giving up if it’s not working for you.

Who is this eBook for?

Anyone who is interested in making a productivity and planning system that really works for them! As a recovering perfectionist myself, developing this process over many years has helped me move into a self-care and creativity focused mindset for getting things done. And if that doesn’t describe you, don’t worry: this process has worked for my students who are procrastinators, who have never had a planner before, or even who already have an intensive productivity plan already. No matter where you are, this will help you find clarity and lessen your anxiety around planning.

Quick FAQ

Is it only for folks who bullet journal?
No! The process works with any system you like, whether digital or physical, a dated or undated planner or bullet journaling. The guidebook includes extensive resources and ideas for finding the tools that work best for you.

How much time will it take?
It’s up to you! You can scale the process up or down as much as you see fit. The more you integrate this process into your routine, the more it will support you, and feel natural, fun, and useful.

Do I have to be an artist? 
Definitely not! This process works with what you find joyful about planning, and guides you in how to figure out what those aspects are. And even if you don’t find joy in planning, but know you need a system anyway—I’ve worked with many students who feel this way, and this process is for you, too.

Can I check out a free sample first?
Absolutely! Free sample right this way.