Review: Baron Fig Grow Daily Journal

I’ve had my eye on Baron Fig for a long time. After learning about their products from Jenny’s blog, The Finer Point (one of my favorite stationery writers!), I was really intrigued and wanted to try out their products, but the price point was just high enough that I never could bring myself to place an order. Silly, I know, especially as their quality seems to be top-notch, their witty illustrations are adorable, and the way they write about their products on the website are full of passion and definitely speak my language (“tools for thinkers”! they use customer feedback to iterate products!).

So I was thrilled to see an email announcing their first in-person pop-up store in New York City in late April! Sometimes it’s really tough to justify living here (so expensive, no space, so many people, the smells) but when things like this happen, New York is pure magic. I snuck out of work early to catch the tail end of their first day at the pop-up and, of course, picked up a few products to try.

Planning Reflections

One Month of Morning Pages

At the beginning of the year, I decided to try a new habit: morning pages. I’d read a lot on the internet about the benefits of this practice, and wanted to give it a shot. Read on for my take on how morning pages are working for me.