Review: Hightide Diary Planner (NZ-Vertical Type, A5)

Updated December 2019: I am so excited to update this post with the news that the Hightide Downtown LA Store now has an online shop! If you’re looking for an amazing Japanese minimal planner, including the exact one in this post for 2020, click over for sure (and ignore info below about how difficult it is to find these.) Enjoy!

I am SO excited to sit down and share this detailed overview and review of a Hightide Diary planner! It is very difficult to find these planners in the US, let alone find anything written on them in detail in English, so I am both very happy to have my hands on one of these as well as to share lots of images and thoughts with you. This is long overdue since I got this in December (!) – but I tested this planner from January through March and really got to know it, so this will be an in-depth review rather than a “look at this layout!” kind of post.

In this post, you’ll find an introduction to Hightide, an overview of each part of the planner, an explanation of how I use it, a review, and finally where you can buy it if you’re interested (I know these are hard to find!). So grab some coffee, settle in, and let’s get going!