How-To Inspiration

Small Space Organization Tips for a Minimal, Beautiful Desk Setup

Before my current desk setup, I had a small, 31.5″ foldable desk tucked into a little corner of my bedroom (see this Instagram highlight for more on that setup!), so even though I have a lot more space now, I’m still in a New York City 1-bedroom… which means this desk setup is also tucked into a corner in my bedroom! No matter how much or how little space you have, small space desk tips can help you stay organized and your desk area look neat. Here are my top tips for organizing in a small space!

In-Depth Inspiration

Minimal Small Space Desk Tour & How I Organize My Desk

I’m so excited to finally share my desk walkthrough! I moved last year and have spent a lot of time setting up my desk space. While I definitely have a little more room than I did in my previous apartment, I still need to maximize storage space! It can be really difficult to create a minimal desk setup in a smaller space, so I hope this walkthrough helps give you some inspiration on how you might organize your own workspace, too.


Inspiration: Japanese Planning Instagram Accounts

If, like me, you’re super inspired by how much planners are a part of Japanese culture, this is the post for you. A while ago, I managed to get myself and my limited amount of college Japanese down a rabbit hole into the amazing world of Japanese planning accounts. There, you’ll find an amazing mix of business use, personal/minimal accounts, and gorgeously illustrated or sticker-collaged spreads. Not to mention the stationery products. Oh goodness gracious, the stationery products.

If you’d like to see some inspiration and follow some of my favorite Japanese planner accounts, read on!