March Challenge

March’s theme is reflect — and this month’s challenge will help us do just that.

March Challenge


To help us be more reflective this month, I’m challenging myself (and you all, if you’ll join me!) to try to journal for the “why.”

This means a long-form, non-judgmental journaling moment where you keep asking yourself why. Time yourself – write for 15 minutes straight, or aim to fill at least 3 sheets of full-size paper. Don’t overthink it, don’t edit yourself along the way or pause: just write.

I like to do this when I’m trying to figure out an issue or challenge I’m facing, but you can totally do this about something more positive, too. Here are some prompts you could write about:

  • An emotion you’ve been feeling a lot, and what has been contributing to you feeling that way.
  • An event or situation you’ve been struggling with.
  • A “win” or a success you’ve had recently, and write about that.
  • A relationship you appreciate (or which is facing challenges).

Just when you get stuck on your prompt, or feel like you have nothing else left to say, ask yourself “why” – and keep on writing!

The key is to keep drilling down. As you do this, you’ll start to name emotions, notice situations or patterns you find yourself in, see how you respond to the moments you’re describing, and drift into a headspace where you can better notice why and how you react to things in a certain way.

This one is challenging and might feel tough. But I promise you’ll have more clarity when you complete this kind of writing. I’m wishing you luck and excited to try this challenge with you this month!

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